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We are excited about your upcoming installation and here are some things for you to know. 

  • Please be sure that your power is on and that adequate, power, light, air conditioning and heat are all functioning properly and at normal operating temperatures.
  • The permanent HVAC system should be turned on and set to a minimum of 67 degrees Fahrenheit or a maximum of 85 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of 7 days prior to, during and after installation. Once the installation is complete the temperature should not exceed 85 degrees. 
  • Move all small contents and breakables from furniture and the work area.
  • The installers will move and replace the furniture and/or appliances if we have quoted to do so. If you plan to move your own furniture then please do so before installation day.
  • Disconnect and move all electronics and move them from the work area.
  • Strip the beds and remove all items from closet floors.
  • Pets should be kept out of the installation area.
  • Waterbeds and aquariums should be drained and plants should be moved out prior to our arrival.
  • Certain types of installation may involve demolition, sanding or sub-floor repairs and may create dust. It is advisable to cover cabinets and countertops for easy cleaning and cover furniture in adjacent areas.
  • Normally, we will remove and dispose of your old flooring. If you want to keep it, please inform our installation team.
  • Occasionally, we will discover unforeseen subfloor damage that was not visible when we estimated. If we are able to perform the repair work, we will give you an estimate of the charges for your approval. Such charges will be added to the balance due on your job.
  • Although we work to minimize it, normal installation methods may scuff your baseboards, walls, and door casings. Please be sure to have touch-up paint or stain for after-installation touch-up.
  • Our installation contractors are the best in the industry and will leave your job having done their best work. They will look over the installation with you and provide you with an installation approval form to sign and return to the store. If there is anything installation related that you feel the installer should address before leaving, please point it out. The installer may also collect C.O.D. amounts upon completion of the work. If you cannot be there for a final inspection and payment please call our office at 501-623-1800 so that appropriate arrangements can be made.