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Natural Stone | Introduction

What's under your feet impacts life under your roof. The various floor coverings throughout your home influence interior beauty, design, décor, comfort, upkeep – life itself. From ancient monuments like the pyramids in Egypt and the majestic Greek and Roman temples, to the great civilizations of India and China, natural stone has been an important part of architecture throughout history. Natural stone is strong and stable to live with. It exudes a rich, organic, beautiful surface and has a confident, timeless presence in any room. It is the world’s oldest building material -- imagine its beauty and elegance in your new home or remodeling project.

  • process began millions of years ago, deep beneath the earth’s surface
  • combination of heat and pressure creates blocks of natural stone
  • types include granite, marble, travertine, limestone, and slate
  • the earth's crust grows and erodes and pushes minerals up from its core, forming massive rock deposits, called "quarries"
  • quarries are found in countries throughout the world such as Italy, China, Spain, India, Canada, Mexico and also here in the United States
  • more expensive than ceramic tile
  • requires more maintenance than ceramic tile
  • increases home value more than ceramic tile
  • large selection to choose from