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Meet The Team


Office Manager


A veritable superstar at Peters, Jennifer has been with the company for over 13 years. She runs the back office to perfection. Should you ever have a question related to billing or your account, Jennifer is the one to see. Jennifer enjoys her family, hunting, fishing, gardening and just being happy.


Flooring Specialist

Mike has worked with our company for two decades. He specializes in promoting the correct products for the customer. He is a problem solver and has the training and skill to match colors with unbelievable accuracy because of experience and being blessed with a very sharp eye for color. Ask for Mike when you need a color matched or an entire job done from quote to completion. Mike is an Army veteran, gifted musician, an avid bowler, weightlifter, and self-proclaimed food critic.


Commercial Flooring Specialist


We really are blessed with an amazing staff and you will see that John or “JG” as we call him is a high caliber individual. One of his many gifts is his attention to detail. John is especially proficient at commercial flooring work. He is able to quickly analyze blueprints and determine just the right products needed for a job. John is also an avid multisport athelete. When we first got to know him, he was a very good distance runner. Now, John has become involved in Crossfit, hiking, biking and many other activities that our beautiful town provides.

Rhonda Wilson

When it comes to Rhonda’s happy attitude greeting you and vast experience over 17 years, she strives to set higher standards for the flooring industry inside or outside of our showroom. She is here to guide you in finding products that fit your lifestyle and colors to elevate your design in your space. Being a creative soul, she has a love of painting, drawing, and cooking beautiful dishes to inspire the pallet.
There’s no place like home without all the finishing touches of a beautiful floor and gaining a friend here at Peter’s Flooring.